Today, if you ask someone about their favorite game, I guess you will receive the questions are the Lottery. I don’t know when? But now, Lottery genre is becoming one of the most popular genres worldwide which attracts the attention of million people. When you choose Lottery, you will not only get one kind of lottery, more than that, there are many kinds for you to select and join such as Toto 4D, Toto Malaysia, lottery 3D, lottery 4D, Magnum 4D… in that, the best seller lottery game is probably Toto Malaysia. So what is Toto Malaysia? How to strike it effectively and get a lot of money as a winner? In this article, I will help you answer.

How to play Toto Malaysia?

Shortly, Toto Malaysia is one kind of the lottery. Joining in it is quite simple and you can join in all casinos in the world because this game is a popular game and almost casinos worldwide offer it. More than that, today, along with the development of the internet and the technology information, playing Toto Malaysia becomes more and more conveniently. If you have not enough time to play in casinos, access page sites which provide this game and bet online versions.

toto malaysia

To play Toto Malaysia, you just need to understand some of the main rules like picking 6 numbers between 1 and certain number which are limited each day. If all your numbers which you select match the 6 winning numbers drawn, you will win the Jackpot. On the other hand, if you just only match 5, 4, or 3 of the winning numbers, there will be other smaller prizes for you. Moreover, the odds of winning the first prize jackpot in each day are different, but all of them are huge and that is a good chance for you to get a lot of money. The last, this game draws on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Tuesday.

Some strategies to strike Toto 4D the best

Have you ever won in Toto 4D? If your answer is not yet, I think you need to try to apply some following strategies:

Firstly, don’t bet number combinations which have been drawn before. There are many people think that if they choose the previous winning numbers which give someone else a big jackpot, they can win again with these numbers. Of course this thing is completely wrong. Just need to imagine: In Malaysia Toto 6/58, with three drawings a week or 4 sometimes, a set of 6 numbers has an opportunity of being drawn once every 28,688 years! So the chance to win thank to the previous winning numbers is virtually impossible.


Secondly, you can refer to the previous results to predict results today. Indeed, there is a strange rule between the last lottery results and today results. And many people chose the lucky numbers for themselves thanks to them. But you should remember that reference is not uses the same.

The last, do not bet all money in Toto 4d Malaysia. You should try to split your money into several parts to every day because this may increase the chance of success for you instead of blind faith to a number and betting the entire amount.


Lottery in general and Toto Malaysia in particular are interesting choices which you should not miss. Let’s choose your favorite numbers and strike now!.

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