Lucky number:*8852*

Have you ever imagined that Belief in feng shui can help you win in the lottery games such as Keputusan4D – one of the most favorite lottery games in the world? If you are not yet, you should try to study about it. In the world, there are many people win Keputusan4D thank to Feng shui and get a lot of money. And I believe that you can be the next person. In this article, I will show you some some useful information about Feng shui which can hep you get more luck in Ketputusan4D.


There are some people who don’t believe in Feng shui. They said that it is superstition. Of course, they are wrong, Feng shui elements belong to spirituality and religion. And it really can help many fields in life, specially in the lottery game: Keputusan4D. So ultimately, how feng shui help you in the lottery game?

How to get lucky number in Keputusan4D with Feng shui?

The first, there is some information you need to know. In Feng shui, gold represents wealth and coins represent money. The front doors represent good energies which come into your house. So which three factors relate to each other? there are feng shui experts have demonstrated. That when you put some coins under the front door, there will have more luck into your home and come to you. And do you know? The lucky factor is an important factor in Keputusan4D.

On the other hand, to get lucky, you are advised that should put gold. The coins together besides putting some coins under front door. Because, like I said above, gold represents wealth, so anything which is related to gold is considered auspicious. Similar to gold, the coin represents money. When you put anything related to gold and coins together, and go to outlets and buy some Keputansan4D. Make sure that you will get more luck than usual. That is interesting tip of those who have played the lottery for many years and it is purely a scientific thing.


The next, Elizabeth Wiggins an Australian Feng shui expert also said that there are three types of luck: the first is heaven luck which relates to when a person was born. The second is earth luck which is related to person’s relationship with their environment. The third is man luck which is related to how a person lives their life. And luckiest person who has the full convergence of these factors, they have innate luck and they usually win in games of chance. And history has proven there are people like that have existed, these people who have won lottery games so many times. But don’t worry, if you are not one of them, some tips that I said above can help you increase your capability of winning.

The last, Wiggins also gives you a lucky number to try and it is 8852.

In short

Feng shui is special field and if you know how to apply it, you can win in all field of your life including Keputusan4D. Now, Let start by putting coins and gold together, go to outlet and buy some Lottery! You will get luck suddenly.

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