Magnum 4D 萬能
Date: 22-04-2018 (Sun) Draw No: 996/18
1st Prize 首獎 4711
2nd Prize 二獎 9237
3rd Prize 三獎 0331
Special 特別獎
5725 —- 1872 —- 9215
3432 2271 2661 3526 —-
1463 6842 9562
Consolation 安慰獎
5826 8266 0301 9935 4040
6159 4530 0071 5400 2572
Magnum 4D Powerball
Date: 22-04-2018 (Sun) Draw No: 996/18
Jackpot 1
1st (100%) 4711 + 33 06
2nd (50%) 9237 + 33 06
3rd (25%) 0331 + 33 06
Jackpot 2
Any Special or Consolation Prize + 33 06
RM 100
Any 4D 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prize
RM 20
Any 4D Special or Consolation Prize
RM 7
Any ONE Powerball 33 or 06

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold
Date: 22-04-2018 (Sun) Draw No: 996/18
Jackpot 1
1 1 + 3 7 + 3 1 + 0 7
Jackpot 2
1 1 + 3 7 + 3   + 0 7
  1 + 3 7 + 3 1 + 0 7
3rd Prize
1 1 + 3 7 + 3 1 +    
4th Prize
1 1 + 3 7 + 3   +    
  1 + 3 7 + 3 1 +    
5th Prize
1 1 + 3 7 +     +    
    + 3 7 + 3 1 +    
6th Prize
1 1 + 3   +     +    
    +   7 + 3 1 +    
7th Prize
1 1 +     +     +    
    + 3 7 +     +    
    +     + 3 1 +    
Da Ma Cai 1+3D 大馬彩
Date: 22-04-2018 (Sun) Draw No: 4710/18
1st Prize 首獎 6408
2nd Prize 二獎 8546
3rd Prize 三獎 5329
Special 特別獎
5544 9336 9271 6641 7980
4799 3283 5287 2761 9529
Consolation 安慰獎
2376 6396 6891 7134 4433
9910 9068 6163 5483 3950

SportsToto 4D 多多
Date: 22-04-2018 (Sun) Draw No: 4763/18
1st Prize 首獎 4062
2nd Prize 二獎 6799
3rd Prize 三獎 8340
Special 特別獎
3853 0194 **** 6435 5449
8431 5622 8417 3542 5256
6387 **** ****
Consolation 安慰獎
6868 3703 2482 3375 5577
9967 1106 8025 2655 8465

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