Lucky Number : 4829

Some people like to use family birthdays, others use lucky numbers while there are those that swear by a fail-safe “system”. There are many ways of picking lottery numbers as there are chances of winning it.

The chance of winning the Singapore Lottery jackpot is one in 13,983,816 while there is a one in 2.3 million chance of getting five numbers plus the bonus ball.

Birthday meaning 

For those who use birthdays, five of the most commonly drawn numbers are more than 31, meaning they are not really to have picked them. Sticking to birthdays absolutely limits the range of numbers you can select and this is a common system, so more people are picking those numbers, meaning you may have to share your prize. Human instinct tells us that if something has not happened in a while, then it is probably overdue.

How to Sport toto lucky pick

However, while the concept that things which are overdue will finally happen makes sense, it does not mean they will when it comes to the Malaysia Lottery. Analysis of the lottery revealed has revealed a surprising trend people tend to select their numbers based on the last week’s winning numbers. Others were found to use the jackpot numbers from two weeks before and some further back than that.

There is a multitude of books on sale giving advice about how to win the lottery. Wheeling, which is one of the most famous systems, involves buying multiple tickets and using seven numbers rather six across those. Prediction software is also widely available online with accompanying claims of great accuracy.

dream lucky number


Actually, none of these have ever been proven to be efficient and experts say those that with enough people using these systems. And then simple statistics prove some people will win using them. Hopefully, the only people who really win from these ways are the people who pocket the cash being paid for the books in the first place.

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