Lucky Number: 2784

Winning the lottery is the dream for everyone. Too bad, only a few of the lottery players can fulfill their dream. Winning the lottery need more than filling up the lottery ticket and perhaps waiting to hear your name as the jackpot winner. You can increase your possibility of winning the lottery in various ways, astrology is one of them. You can use Vedic astrological reading to understand about how wealthy you can be in life.

Vedic Astrology Reading

What about Vedic lottery

In addition to knowing how much wealth you will enjoy, Vedic lottery can tell you the cause from which the wealth will come from.  The possibilities of a player winning the lottery according to two things. The first relationship is that between the fifth and the second house while the second relationship is that among the eleventh and the ninth house. If the relationship among the two houses is strong, your possible of walking home with the jackpot are high. This means that in order to win the lottery, the player should play in times of the year that current the lottery player with the highest chances of coming out victorious.

Vedic lottery -Vedic Astrology Reading

The possibility of winning also depends on the strength of the Vedic lottery planets. The planets studied are Saturn, Uranus, Mars and the Moon. The planets are known to give a sudden surge of material gain to lottery players. The twelfth house is also critical in the lottery. This is due to the twelfth house that argues financial gain from experiment. Winning the lottery falls actually under this house, as it is experimental. In addition to this, the twelfth house reveal to vice and expenses.


In many societies around the world, playing the lottery is taken as a vice. This means that a strong place of the planets in this house implies that you will gain wealth through a vice. The ‘vice’ at here is the lottery, but, this is incorrect, as people play lotteries for social goodwill reasons.

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