Lucky Number:  3100

Is not there something exciting and almost magical about picking what you hope will be winning lottery numbers? You might experience a bit of an adventure every time you pick your lottery numbers. Wondering if this will be the lucky combo that will bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.


There probably almost as many techniques for picking numbers as there are players! If you surveyed 100 lottery players. There is a good opportunity that many of them would have their own special system for picking the numbers they play on lotto games. One person might stick with their birthday and other birthdays or special days. While someone else maybe prefer to go with Quick Picks and let the lottery numbers be automatically develop.

And also another lotto player might study past winning numbers carefully. And select the ones that seem mostly to hit the jackpot again. Regardless of what system you are using, you might be interested in a few tips for picking winning lottery numbers. Even though birthdays, anniversaries and other special days are easy to remember, you should avoid picking them. As those numbers only go as high as 31 and that means numbers higher than that will never get played, cut down your chances of winning.


Pick 10 good sets of lottery numbers and play them over and over again. If you select these numbers well, the odds are more in your favour as far as winning. And addition play different lotteries instead of focusing all of your eggs into one basket by only playing one . Conclusion, use the tips to boost your luck and pick winning lottery numbers.


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