This is a common question that every lottery players ask themselves when making the decision to play the Malaysia lottery on a regular basis. Many people wonder why they cannot improve their chances of winning 4dToto Malaysia while others can win consistently.

However, the fact that anyone can give themselves a better opportunity of winning the lottery by other ways. So, how to increase your chances of winning? Refer this article to get more knowledge.

toto 4d

Things you should know about lottery Malaysia

First of all, you should know that most of the lottery games are games of chance. The numbers which come out of the machine are random, but the numbers which people pick are not random. Official statistics around the numbers chosen for the Malaysia Lottery were launched in the early days of the game, but are no longer published. If there really is the certain selection at work. Then we would expect an infamous number to appear less than normal within the jackpot subset. And more than expected within the roll-over subset.


This approach delights each number as an independent entity and does not take into account that numbers are chosen within a group of six. So, your chance of getting winning in 4dToto Malaysia and Singapore will be higher because the results output by this approach is reasonable and not immediately false. If you don’t believe me, try with our 4dToto lucky number 2445.

4dToto Malaysia

Increasing your chance of winning based on Toto history result

One of the best ways to guess numbers of the next outcome is to base on Toto history result. Keep recording the latest toto results and analyze them. When combining results of the analysis of the Toto history result. It is clear to see that there is noticeable certain selection taking place. There are 49 possible numbers against a popularity scale, the taller the columns the bigger the acclaim. The red dotted line is the frequency of situation expected by probability. So that, to play the adversary it would be best to choose the numbers which are marked as being unpopular to minimize the chance of another player having the same numbers.

In short, luck is the biggest factor that influence on your lottery results. But it does not mean you cannot increase your chances of winning lottery games. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. You can also learn more tips on choosing lucky numbers at our site. Welcome and have the good moment in lottery Malaysia and Singapore!

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