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For many years, Malaysia is reputed for a country where gambling innovation is actively commuted from the Western area. However, since Malaysia lottery through the internet was introduced, that is still not the case. The passions for betting in Malaysia have been pretty high over time.

As a consequence, it is acceptable to expect that online lottery games will soon be part of the serve by the proudest lottery creators in this country.  Moreover, the game so called keputusan toto or as the local name keputusan 4D. That has been considered as one of the most exciting lottery games in many countries, especially Malaysia.

Malaysia lottery online

The keputusan toto gambling has been innovating so quickly, which assist online lottery so far recently. No gamblers can deny the advantages of participating in lottery via the internet brought to them. Security is one of its strong point. If you have ever had the bad luck when you cannot find out your lottery ticket. So you will know the reason why this benefit is important.

keputusan toto

As buying tickets via the internet, with this way there is entirely no risk of losing a winning ticket . Which will be compared to 4d result Malaysia today live in the future, or ever having to verify that the ticket is yours. An online receipt or a proof of buying is all you need – and there is no way of misplacing that.

Another pros is guaranteed payouts. Each year there are millions of dollars/euro/pounds of lottery winners. That are unclaimed due to losing their tickets or forget to check them. Anytime playing in the internet, there is absolutely no risk of missing out on your cash. Because of forgotten checks or failing to claim within the time frame.

For online lottery dealers

Any secondary winnings are paid directly to your account. As you are the lucky gambling winner, you will be announced at once. The third advantage is convenient idea. Buying lottery ticket in the internet is just so simple and quick to do with your smart phone or laptop. You do not have to find out a store or convenience store.

You do not take any cash on travel, and there is no time taken in lines. Last but not least, there is no geographical limit. The Internet supports to increase your options with no any physical restrictions. You can live in South Africa and still enjoy the Euro Jackpot although you are not actually in Europe yourself.

keputusan 4D

The way in which the lottery game keputusan toto results are announced

There are some 4D results like toto 4d live website which just publishes the key numbers which win from the draw. This is not a good idea, for a lot of reasons.

Consequently, the great number of gambling winners is going to be those who come under the smaller prizes. Hence, we list definitely every winning number of the Malaysian lottery including: Damacai, Sports toto, Sabah, Cashweep as well as Magnum.  The results include the big prizes and the quite small prizes as well.  This means that our site is the only site that you have to visit in order to get your 4D results. If you are a giant lottery winner or a little lottery winner, you will find out truly what you are required to know on our website, quick and simply!

And always remember that we publish and sell tickets for other lotteries out there as well. So if you are interested in them, we do recommend that you take a quick browse through our websites. You never know what you will be capable of finding!


The prize structure of keputusan toto in Malaysia

Malaysia 4D lottery divides their prize structure into five groups in general. For more detailed, each group has a specific prerequisite and prize money.

1 Prize: with an upfront RM2.000.000 (one of the 4D number in selected couple matches one of the Top 3 prizes and others from the same couple matches one of the two remaining Top 3 prizes)

2 Prize: with a minimum of RM100.000 (one of the 4D number in the selected couple matches one of the Top 3 prizes and others from the same couple matches one of the ten Special prizes)

3 Prize: RM168 for every RM2 gamble (any one of the 4D numbers in the selected couple matches either the first, second or third prize)

4 Prize: RM68 for every RM2 gamble (any one of the 4D numbers in the selected couple matches any one of the ten Special prizes)

5 Prize: RM28 for every RM2 gamble (only one of the pair of the chosen 4D numbers matches any one of the ten Consolation prizes)

All information above is about the structure for Malaysia lottery prizes. Maybe, it seems to be simple to understand. However, in order to get it for real, you will be absolutely find it difficult. It is because that it requires you to find out the way to guess results. And choose the lucky numbers for your gambling jackpot. Do not worry about this problem, will help you to solve all matters. Let’s believe in 4dtreasure and enjoy Malaysia lottery. Have relaxing time with this.

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