Lottery now is one of the most favorite forms of betting. It appeals lots of people because of huge prizes and ease to play. Many players keep in mind that lottery is games of chance and thanks to luck, anyone can win lottery games. Richard Lustig is one of them, but do you believe that he has won 7 top prizes only depending on luck? There are secrets behind this. If you want to know how to win 4D Malaysia consistently like Lustig, take time to read this article. I will share with you secret strategies of Lustig for free. Doing follow them and win 4D Malaysia prizes today.

4d Malaysia

Some information about 7 time lottery winner-Lustig

As I have mentioned above, Richard Lustig has won 7 top prizes of lottery. He is considered as lotto man because besides 7 top prizes, he has won many multiple small and medium prizes. It is really hard to believe Lustig has won his prizes only by depending on luck, right? Indeed, he claims that he is only an ordinary guy and the fact that he uses a system. So, what is his system and what is his advice? They will be offered free below.

How to win 4D Malaysia follow Lustig style?

With 4D Malaysia, in a standard 23 from 10,000 lotto draw, the odds against you are very high, even giant. If you don’t know any tips, tricks or strategies, it is very hard to get any prizes. But by working with mathematics and 4D past result like Lustig, winning 4D Malaysia now is easier.

First of all is using 4D past results. Everyone knows 4D results are drawn randomly, but when you collect all 4D past results in a certain previous of time, you will find there are many numbers that drawn very often. In addition, after collecting 4D past results combine with using mathematic manipulation of Lustig, you will be surprised by wonders.


Second is using mathematics when playing 4D Malaysia. If you are good at in math, through the manipulation of the law of probability and the analyst 4D past results, you can reduce the insane odds and increase your chance of getting winning numbers. In fact, there are many people are able to reduce the odds by many, many millions and Lustig is the best example. He has 7 wins under his system and methods.

How to win 4D Malaysia in 3 steps

In short, I want to introduce to you 3 steps to win 4D Malaysia as well as other kinds like TOTO Malaysia, Keputusan Malaysia.

  • First step, using a mathematics system combine with analyst lottery past results to find lottery winning numbers.
  • Seconds step, selecting hot numbers or combinations of hot numbers.
  • Thirds step, taking part in a syndicate to get more knowledge about tips, tricks and strategies to play the best your lotto games.

If you want to better understand about 3 steps above, follow the next posts of 4dtreasure. Have nice time with your lotto games!

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