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Many people are born with a silver spoon. They know what it’s like to win a lottery! The following will be some fun lottery facts to read while you wait to win yours! Have you ever thought that is a game of opportunity for those with a blow of luck? Why don’t you read more about the following facts with lottery which will drop your jaw if you are finding a blow of luck from a lady luck.

  1.      First fun lottery fact in the history of lottery

The history of Malaysia and Singapore lottery noted one of the biggest jackpots with an eye-popping amount up to $656 million, which occurred on the 30th of March 2012. If you’re looking at Singapore lottery, your winning possibility for a jackpot worth millions is 1 in 175,711,536… it’s a lot to brief, however, it’s still better than Powerball which is 1 in 195,249,054.

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  1.      Will you become a millionaire if hitting Jackpot?

It’s a lottery fact which can’t get any better than that can it! Did you realize that your chance of getting hit by lightning is around 1 in 700,000? You’re 250 times more to be hit by lightning than getting win Singapore lottery. The sad part is that you will not be a millionaire through getting hit by lightning because nearly one-third of lottery winners find themselves either confine with grievous financial difficulties or bankrupt within just five years of becoming millionaires.

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  1.   The story of a man with a bird

How would you spend your lottery winnings? Bird poop is considered lucky. When an unidentified man was walking under a tree, a bird pooped on him. That same thing occurred the following week at the same place, he decided to purchase Singapore lottery and bring home $444. Even today, this man can be stand under the same tree each Wednesday and Saturday with the expectation that he can win some more thanks to this lucky bird.

lottery winnings

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