When bettors come to lottery, especially 4 d toto, they mostly bet on their luck in choosing the lottery numbers. However, besides luck, they still have some ways to win 4dtoto lottery. In this article, firstly, we will explain why you don’t succeed in betting lottery, and then we show you how to crack toto 4d barcode.

Why you don’t win the lottery?

Every time lottery draws, everyone hopes, will win a prize at stake numbers at first place. The question is how long have you played lottery? Three years? Ten years? How much you earn for the victory? Actually, many people were disappointed for not gaining any prizes on the lottery they have been long invested. So what are problems? Keep reading and find out why you don’t win the lottery.


Too Hope for good luck, bet all Belief in fate

We can see that someone wins the lottery by their luck. Some people have luck in the lottery games. However, what happens if you were out of luck? We recommend that you should prepare some strategies carefully before you jump into playing lottery. Lottery machines can be defeated by a right strategy. On the other hand, if you’re not successful with a wrong strategy, consider that as Fotuna doesn’t smile with you in lottery.

Play too many numbers

As we mentioned earlier, the lottery machines can be defeated by strategies. However, if you follow this rule, you bet too many numbers and you only choose numbers based on your intuition. By this way, you may lose a lot of money, stop playing immediately because you will go bankrupt soon. Playing many numbers in the lottery (must be done) with serious strategies.

Wrong code reading

Toto4d lottery agencies in Malaysia & Singapore put some codes or tips on the lottery tickets to make the lottery much more exciting and people will rush to play it. In fact, putting codes on lottery tickets is also conducted worldwide. To study these codes, you should see and learn them in many draws. Most of bettors predict numbers, error code reading and they will lose a lot of money by this method.

Place huge bets, but inconsistent

If you place a huge bet, but you play with a different number each time in the draw, you are on the wrong way because the probability of getting a prize is very small. Logically, when you make big bets you had better bet with a few consistent numbers, since the probability you gain a huge win will be much higher.

 Incorrect mathematical calculations

Many people try to create a formula to defeat lottery machine, for instance, they use charts, mathematical formulas rather than follow the law, so they will lose their way. Lottery outcomes are drawn by mathematical methods, which means that you have to build your own mathematical formulas complying with mathematical principles.

How to crack toto 4 d barcode?

Certainly, many 4dtoto investors desire to know how to win 4 d toto by cracking barcode on the ticket. the followings are some tips that we hope you can use them as references.

Kings of 4 d toto

Through our learn and research, some Malaysian bettors are able to read the code and 4dtoto ticket, and gain tens of thousands a month and sometimes get up to more than a hundred thousand. At first, we cannot believe they can earn profit from this way, but when they show their win tickets and how they play, we believe they are Kings of 4d in Malaysia.
For the sake of us, I will list them who they are below. How do they play 4d? They purchased the dozen of lucky tickets with RM1 per ticket, up to 1000 tickets to read the barcodes only and make a bet with a huge amount.
List of the Kings:
– Ethen
– Oliver
– Bu

Buy tickets at the counters of the same

If you don’t know how to read the code, don’t use this method because you will lose a lot of money without winning any prizes. However, if you are keen on reading the 4d lottery code, we will show you some tips as reference. First of all, you need to buy tickets 4d RM1 and make sure they are at the same counter and do not move to any other counters since each counter has different code.


Play with your feelings

In toto4d game, you actually bet with how you feel. Make sure you trust yourself and don’t depend much on your mood. Play according to your logic, experience, and mathematical calculations.

4dtoto code

The above image is an example of 4 d toto ticket.
Number 1 indicates the number of bets and you should keep the number of odd and even numbers on all four of these numbers.
Number 2 is a barcode which you should pay attention to because clues often appear in the position of this barcode.
Next, number 3, this position is hard to interpret, however, if you read the barcode carefully, if the code number 3 and number 5 similar (equal to 0480), which means that numbers in your ticket will be hit in a number one, two, or three.
Number 4, this position plays an important role in your betting. You can know whether number of your bets will hit or not.

Save 4 d toto code

You should store or post each Toto4d ticket you buy in a book to use as a reference in the future betting.

Efficiently determine odd or even numbers

To become proficient in this game, you need to not only read barcode but also be good at basic math and decide odd number and even numbers as a combination of reading the code because the basic game 4 d toto are odd and even numbers.

This article is worth reading if you want to master Toto 4 d lottery. We hope that you will earn a lot of money when you apply all the things we have mentioned above.

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