Feng shui now is no strange to people in the world, especially lottery enthusiasts. They believe in ability of getting lucky number in lottery thanks to theory of Feng shui. In connecting to the Feng shui, there are many ways to predict your lucky numbers and today, I will introduce to you best way to choose your toto 4D  lucky numbers based on the number of Fish in Aquarium.

Many people love to have fish tank at home because it brings the nature for the home. However, how many fish in the tank and where to place the fish tank are very considerable. It can help you guess your lucky numbers in playing magnum 4D.

Meaning of nine fishes

In theory of Feng shui, numbers have a certainly symbolic role and number 9 is considered as the luckiest number for every activity such as studying, build house, phone numbers, house numbers, playing 4D Malaysia and so on. Therefore, most of people choose number 9 as the lucky number for the number of fish in aquarium. Most Feng shui practitioners agree that the number 9 is the number for luck, wealth, prosperity and a long life span. They said that the combination of nine fish in an aquarium represents for eight goldfish and one black-colored goldfish or Arrowana fish. This combo is symbol of prosperity, and good fortune. Thus, the number 9 is always the favorite number of TOTO Malaysia players.

The important of one black goldfish

Although the fish has black color, but when combined with color of gold, this fish becomes a symbol of protection. Its function is to absorb any negative energy and brings the luck and positive energy to you and your house. Therefore, the importation of one black goldfish similar to purpose of number on in playing lottery games as well as anything. When any black goldfish died, you have to remove it from the tank immediately and replace by others as soon as possible.

magnum 4d

In conclusion

In fact, the numbers of fish in your tank or aquarium also depend on the Feng shui of each person. Different persons will have different lucky numbers. However, most of time, the numbers of 9, 8 and 1 have significant meaning. If you are blank on which numbers to buy in 4D TOTO games, consult the lucky number 9981 that we have predicted based on theory of Feng shui of fish in aquarium.

Lucky number : *9981*

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