Lucky number : *9628*

In the Chinese culture, the numerology is based on mystical traditions and relate to Feng shui. People use Chinese numerology including Yin, Yang and Chi for numerology readings as well as looking for lucky numbers in playing games of chances or in everything of your life. If you are looking for lucky numbers in Magnum 4d, Chinese Yin and Yang numbers are perfect choice. Read this writing to get more understanding about the concept and meaning of Yin and Yang as well as find your lucky numbers in playing lottery.

Concept of Yin and Yang numbers

As you may know, Chi is considered as the life force energy in the Chinese culture. Chi is combination of Yin and Yang numbers. Yin represents for female energy while Yang is serene of male energy. Yin numbers are the odd numbers including 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. Yang numbers are the even numbers containing 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and so on.

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Meaning of Yin and Yang numbers

Basically, you can simply understand that Chinese Yin and Yang numbers represent perfect balance. They are regarded as the opposites interacting and supposedly the seed of all things. In generally, Yang numbers represent for active energy or mean sunny. Yin numbers mean shady and correspond to less active functions. However, good comes from the harmonic balance in Yin and Yang. That is reason why many people, especially avid fans of lottery choose Magnum 4d tickets based on Feng shui meaning of Yin and Yang.

Lucky numbers in Magnum 4d

As I have mentioned above, the combination of Yin and Yang represents perfect balance and good things in your life. But you have to know that both of Yin and Yang contain good and bad numbers. Six, Eight and Nine are the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. It is applied for everything you do in your life from choosing mobile phone numbers, house numbers, lucky numbers in playing lottery Malaysia or selecting date of special ceremony such as birth, wedding and more.

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Besides, number Two is one of lucky numbers in the combination of Yin and Yang. The number Two means a union and brings luck. You often see a pair of candles, pillows, rings, etc. Speaking of the pair, people think about happiness and luck. Therefore, the number Two has important meaning in Feng shui practices.

From information above, the Magnum 4d lucky number today is 9628. In addition, you should visit our page regularly to check 4d results in Malaysia and Singapore and other lucky numbers in prediction category.

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