Lucky number : *6995*

Singapore is one of the most enticing lotto markets in Asia. The only official operator in this market is Singapore Pools where offer many exciting kinds of lottery like TOTO result and Singapore sweep. Everyone knows that lottery numbers are always randomly drawn. But do you believe that they are drawn by a certain frequency chart? If you know the frequency chart and take the best its advantage, you will have winning lottery numbers. This article gives you useful tips to choose the winning numbers in Singapore TOTO lottery

How to play Singapore TOTO lottery?

First of all, I will provide you necessary information to play TOTO lottery in Singapore. In order to play Singapore TOTO, you have to choose at least 6 numbers between from 1 to 49. Then, place a bet at outlets or bet online via internet if you are Singapore Pools account member. You can bet the minimum cost is $1, and no limit the maximum cost. If your TOTO numbers include at least three of winning numbers, you win Singapore TOTO prize. And now, I will introduce to you the best Singapore TOTO Lotto Tips

toto result

Choose TOTO result that mix of odd and even numbers

If you are fans of TOTO results, you surely know that the opportunity to all even numbers or all odd numbers are drawn is not very often or seldom. If you don’t believe, you can study the frequency chart of winning numbers. You will find that about 95% winning numbers containing both of odd and even numbers. Therefore, if possible, it is better to choose a Singapore TOTO ticket that mix of odd and even numbers as well.

Select TOTO ticket including the low half and the high half

As I have mentioned above about how to play Singapore TOTO lottery, you see that there are 49 numbers from 1 to 49 in this lotto game. Experienced players divide 49 numbers into two parts including the low half from 1 to 24 and high half from 25 to 49. Look at the frequency chart of winning numbers, there are always more than one the number groups is not drawn. Thus, if you only choose the low half or the high half, it is very adventurous. So, I suggest you should buy the TOTO ticket including both of the high half and the low half.

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Ensure the total of your TOTO ticket between 115 and 185

In generally, winning players of Singapore TOTO result will not tell you this tip. You have to ensure the total of the six numbers adds up to any numbers between 115 and 185. Look at the frequency chart of drawn numbers, there are more than 70 percent of all lottery jackpots won belong to numbers that the total fall within that range.

Therefore, I will give you the lucky number 6995 to try your luck in 4D lottery. Hope you win lottery prizes as you wish!