Lucky number 9923

In lottery world, if you want to find the best kinds of lottery to enjoy no limit and get attractive jackpots, make sure that you can no ignore Singapore Toto. As a hot trend in lottery world, Singapore Toto is select by thousand people everyday, but there is the fact that not all of players can conquer the value jackpots which can up to millions of dollar of this game. So, how to increase your chances of winning with Singapore Toto? Now I will show you clearly.

Playing less instead of more

The first, to increase your chance of winning, you are advised that should often play less instead of buying lottery ticket more in a week. If you usually play Singapore Toto every week twice and each time you spend a fixed $2, so why not change to spending $4 once every week or even better if you can spend $16 once every month on this game. Maybe you don’t know, but this work can help you play Singapore Toto more effectively.

singapore toto

On the other hand, playing Singapore Toto with this way, you can be asking about how this increase does the possibility of winning in fact this reduces the chances right since you will be playing less often. And you can answer confidently that: the increase of chances might be small but when playing any lottery game from Toto 4d Malaysia to Singapore Toto, the idea is to use small to win big and any possible increase while spending the same amount money is worth it.

Buy more to get more

The second tip which is used by many lottery winners is buying more to get more. This is the easiest, most obvious and yet most overlooked tip ever. Some researches show then when you buy more in Singapore Toto, the chance to predict winning number will increase and now I can show you how to do it. When you buy an ordinary, you have one chance to get the Jackpot. Buy two, you can double your possibility of winning and when you spend $5 on ordinary quick picks you actually increase you chance by 10 times.

4d lucky number


Don’t use your date of birth as your lucky number

To predict Toto results, there are many people use their date of birth, but you should know that selecting numbers based on their own or family birthday dates is a normal mistake which will can reduce your chance of winng. For the games like Singapore Toto, it is fine if you feel that your birth date is your lucky numbers yet for ToTo the same rule does not apply. Because, in Singapore Toto, the numbers range from 01 to 45 no matter how you pick numbers by relying on birth dates, you will never be able to choose numbers ranging from 32 to 45. So, instead your date of birth, there are many Feng shui numbers which you should use to select.

Hope three tips above can help you play Singapore Toto more effective, then increase your chance of winning. Let apply them and have fun now. The lucky number today for you is 1023.

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