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A year ago, when officials of lottery games make a decision to double the price of a Powerball ticket there were not lots of players approving with his measure. For over a course of time, increasing high lottery jackpots has been increased with that reason and a lucky player from Singapore set a new record for the Powerball on May 18.

today lucky number 4d

It is four successive months the jackpot was rolled over and suddenly seemed possible for the all-time Mega Millions records to be broken. There have ever been three players who shares the total winning amount of $656 million, which is ever known as has the highest record of lottery jackpot in the preceding game.

There’s trouble with those lottery players

the Powerball, the hottest lottery of the moment, is where the jackpot stands at $400 million. The next draw is scheduled for Wednesday and if somebody doesn’t match the winning numbers, the value of prize will be returned again and it will inch closer to $450 million.

With the winning odds being one in 170 million, there is a good opportunity for this trend to come true that’s reason why all lottery players are at the edge of their seats. The jackpot would still have to raise more than $180 million to tie the second-largest Powerball jackpot ever won. What is definite is that the next winner will get an amount standing on the fourth spot in the list of ever-awarded highest lottery jackpot in the Singapore.

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It has been always high for the interest of this lottery, yet whenever the jackpots cross special thresholds gamblers swarm the vendors. This explains for being not smooth to the progression of lottery jackpots and it also makes it simply for players to opt the perfect timing for purchasing more tickets than usual.

In short

The predecessor of the Mega Millions was a lottery called The Big Game and it ran smoothly until 2016 when this new game replaced it. It is only a time matter until this lottery will bring more winners and get the upsurge in the jackpots size, these old jackpots are bound to fall.

The Mega Millions still maintain for the title of ever-awarded the highest lottery jackpots record all around the world and has lots of lower prizes lying in the top 10. At the end, a keen observer will realize that the Powerball has more millionaires lately and the common of lottery games shifted into its direction.


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