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Have you ever won any time with Keputusan 4d yet? If your answer is not yet, have you ever wondered that why there are many people win the lottery everyday and you are not one of them? Today, I will give you a new reason to explain why you don’t become a winner any time in Keputusan 4D live – one of the most favorite lottery games in the world?

The reason is related to address in feng shui

A place with good feng shui properties will bring luck to you rather than remaining places, so you should buy Keputusan in particular and other kinds of lottery in general in the outlets which are located in the beautiful landscapes. This may sound hard to believe, but it really has a certain influence on your luck. Because in feng shui, the place where is located well, will bring luck. In this case, a dealer which is located in good location will bring good luck to their players. And you, your first task before spending money and playing the lottery like Keputusan 4 d is to choose a dealer which is located can in nice location.

feng shui properties

How to choose lucky address to gamble

Today, besides traditional tips to play the lottery effectively as relying on result history, predicting from lucky number in feng shui, using latest result or choosing number which appeared in your dreams, today, a nice address to buy lottery can also bring lucky factor for you.

Here are some tips for you from a Taiwan Feng Shui Master to show you how to select a good outlet to buy Keputusan4d. You are advised to choose the outlets located in densely populated areas. In particular, an outlet located next to the temple will bring more luck to you than all the other places. On the other hand, it will be good to select an outlet which has a shop front with a spacious and clutter-free area because this can avoid the messy and more close to the main roads. The next, you are suggested to choose an outlet which is near the street flooring – flat and straight, because there, the stores will be tidier, more beautiful and more meaningful feng shui.

lucky address

More than that, the characteristic of a good Feng Shui outlet is expressed through the interiors. Select the shops which when you walk in, you do not see any door facing the entrance directly, any toilet or washroom facing to the main door and. And the best lucky thing is on the left of the outlet has Dragon symbol and on the right is the tiger symbol when you stand inside and face out. So try to find out the outlet, buy a lottery there and you will easily recognize, in a certain magical way, you can get lucky 4D Lottery leaves of Keputusan 4d which bring good luck and great prizes to you more than other common shops.


Actually, choosing a good place to buy lottery is very important because it has a great significance for your luck in these games of chance such as Keputusan 4 d. So, let’s choose a nice outlet, try to buy lucky numbers as 8638 and wait for good results.

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